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Ivan Igor is the sculptor at a famous wax museum in London. When his partner, Joe Worth, burns down the museum for the insurance money, Igor is trapped inside.wax museum Years later he re-emerges in New York as the curator of a new wax museum, which boasts incredibly lifelike statues. When model Joan Gale goes missing, however, reporter Florence Dempsey follows the clues to Igor's museum, where she discovers a terrible secret.

Director: Michael Curtiz
Run Time: 77 min
Genre:  Horror


Lionel Atwill Ivan Igor
Fay Wray Charlotte Duncan
Glenda Farrell Florence Dempsey
Frank McHugh Jim
Allen Vincent Ralph Burton
Gavin Gordon George Winton
Edwin Maxwell Joe Worth

Review By Derek Winnert

Women of FLESH become WAX in his hands… women of wax become flesh!’ Director Michael Wax museumCurtiz’s 1933 classic horror movie is a gruesomely atmospheric picture, with Lionel Atwill starring as Ivan Igor, the scarred museum owner with human wax-covered models, and Glenda Farrell co-starring as Florence Dempsey, the newswoman who tries to stop his rampaging.

Atwill is clearly enjoying himself and the film provides another splendid chance for King Kong’s Fay Wray to give a workout to her screaming again when her character Charlotte Duncan finds Ivan Igor’s ghastly face.

The screenplay by Don Mullally and Carl Erickson is based on a play by Charles S Belden. It is beautifully shot by Ray Rennahan and the lovely use of two-tone Technicolor gives it a lift. Warner Bros present a fine production with handsome sets by production designer Anton Grot.

Also in the cast are Frank McHugh, Gavin Gordon, Allen Vincent, Edwin Maxwell, Holmes Herbert, Claude King, Arthur Edmund Carewe, Thomas E. Jackson, DeWitt Jennings, Matthew Betz, and Monica Bannister.