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Manhattan Madness

manhattan madnessSteve O'Dare, a young New Yorker who has gone off to Nevada to be a cowboy, returns to New York to sell some horses. He bores his friends with tales of the exciting Western life, so they plot to trick him with a mock abduction. But although Steve falls for the gag, he ends up turning the tables on his friends.

Director: Allan Dwan
Genre: Comedy Drama
Run Time: 50m
Stars: Douglas Fairbanks, Jewel Carmen, George Beranger

Manhattan Madness Review

Steve O'Dare, a real Westerner from Nevada, returns to New York to visit his old college pals - and of course, they proudly show him around their 'great' big city, the clubs, the avenues, the parks; but he considers all that 'greatness' effeminate and superficial, and for every example they give for the wonders of the city, he tells them a much better story about life back home in Nevada... And so we've got the rare pleasure to get both a glimpse of Old New York in pre-WWI times AND of the 'real' Old Wild West! But the best part of it all is the story: for Steve, who initially insisted that EVERYTHING'S better in the West, suddenly changes his mind when he sets eyes on a beautiful young city girl - which brings along QUITE some thrills for him even in the 'boring' East...

A PERFECT role for Dashing Doug, who plays the fearless romantic hero obsessed with his Western lifestyle (and in fact, he WAS a Westerner: he was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1883!), and yet also able to cope with East Coast crooks - FULLY packed with action and fun, this is certainly one of his BEST comedies of his early screen days before he went into 'swashbuckling'; and a GREAT opportunity for today's audience to discover what the US - both East and West - were like 100 years ago!

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A young woman escapes from her troubled life in a bar to become a nurse.  Two years later she is happily married when someone from her past recognizes her and starts a repeated blackmail for money.  Her husband (Arthur Johnson) eventually finds out about her predicament and has a choice to make: either reject his wife or throw away the blackmailer.

Directed by D.W. Griffith
Genre: Drama
Stars:  Florence Lawrence and Arthur V. Johnson
Run time: 12 m.

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