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2016 Festival.

October 14, 15, 16, 2016

Film Trivia

If you liked the trivia in the slides between movies or you missed them, this page has trivia questions and answers about movies on the 2015 program.

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The Vintage Film Festival

Twenty four years ago (1992), a group of film enthusiasts involved in the restoration of the Marie Dressler house had a wild idea. Why not hold a festival showing the films in which Marie Dressler had starred? This seemingly fantastic idea grew into the present form in which we show a variety of films generally made before about 55-60 years ago.  We will often, although not always, include a film starring Marie Dressler.

For more on Marie Dressler and the Marie Dressler Foundation, please go to the Marie Dressler Foundation Web site here.

The weekend is best enjoyed as an event and not just a collection of great movies. We start with a Gala reception followed by two films. For pass holders only, we have a bonus movie on Friday before the reception. Then on Saturday we show a collection of six movies that range from very old, silent films starring Mary Pickford, Erich von Stroheim or Douglas Fairbanks, to talkies and musicals. On Sunday we show four movies.  Over the weekend we select 4 movies with a theme.  For example, in 2016 they will be movies starring Bette Davis. Over the weekend, we show 2 silent movies accompanied by a live pianist. 

Bursaries by Marie Dressler Foundation

For information on Bursaries for Students in Northumberland High Schools, please go to the Marie Dressler Foundation Web site.

Venue and Date for 2016

Note the dates for the 2016 Vintage Film Festival: October 14, 15 & 16. Also note that all screenings and events this year are to be at Port Hope's 'atmospheric' Capitol Theatre. [Map here]. Why not make a note on your calendar? Program details are here and Tickets are now available here.

The 2016 Festival will be held

October 14, 15, 16, 2016

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